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Seeing the cop car in your rearview mirror and getting pulled over sucks!  The cop isn't the nicest guy.  He doesn't care that the ticket he's about to give you will cost you a bunch of money.  He doesn't care that the ticket might cost you your license.  He doesn't care that the ticket may raise your insurance rates, or even cancel your insurance.  The Tacoma DUI lawyers and former prosecutors at Durflinger Oliver & Associates care.  They can help defend you in court.  

Their experienced Pierce County and Seattle DUI Lawyers have successfully worked on thousands of infractions and criminal cases. Unlike many traffic attorneys, these lawyers enjoy going to court and approach every case with the goal of beating the charges and not just seeking a deal.  Dont pay the fine on your ticket when it can be just as cheap to hire a highly skilled trial attorney to fight for you. Most Pierce County infractions cost only $250 to fight. Simple Misdemeanor retainers start at $3,000, and payment plans and military discounts are available

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Tacoma Traffic Attorneys

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Areas of practice: Personal Injury, Traffic Defense, Reckless Driving - Racing, Negligent Driving, Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence, Firearms, Restoration of Rights, and more. (253)683-4180

Even if the ticket doesn't cost much to pay, you probably want to fight it anyhow.  Even a simple speeding ticket can cost you your license if the Department of Licensing finds you to be a Habitual Traffic Offender.  If you're under 18, a second speeding ticket can cost you your license.  And, of course, there's your insurance.

Normally most insurance companies will not increase your insurance rates due to one Pierce County speeding ticket conviction, but a second ticket will put you in jeopardy of a rate increase. If you pay a speeding ticket without fighting it, the conviction will be on your driving and insurance record for three (3) years. 

The Tacoma Traffic Defense lawyers at Durflinger Oliver & Associates can help protect you from convictions and higher insurance rates. You must fight every traffic charge to keep your record clean. Even if you think you are guilty!

Natalie Durflinger, former Assistant Attorney General James Oliver, former Pierce County Deputy Prosecutor Martha McLaughlin, and of Counsel Associate Attorneys Ross Brittain, Tom Hendrickson and Nicole Donley Williams have extensive traffic and litigation experience. They handle all driving and criminal cases, including the following:

•JBLM DUI, Pierce County DUI, Seattle DUI (including DMV Hearings)
•Pierce County Negligent Driving 1 and 2
•Pierce County and JBLM Reckless Driving 
•Attempt to Elude 
•Driving While License Suspended 1, 2, and 3 
•No Valid Operators License 
•Habitual Traffic Offender 
•Department of Licensing Hearings 
•Department of Transportation Issues 
•Other Misdemeanors and Felonies    


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